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Joe B. Garza

Estate Planning Attorney

Major areas of practice include merger and acquisition negotiation and implementation, tax exempt financing, business organization and succession preparation, complex tax transactions, securities transactions, retirement plan consultation and asset protection.

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Dallas attorney Joe Garza boasts more than 30 years of legal experience in the field of effective estate and tax planning.  He is a founding partner of Garza & Harris, Ltd. and has been a nationally recognized Bond Counsel since 1985.  His areas of practice expertise include estate and tax planning, business acquisitions, accountable care organizations, asset protection, business succession, business restructuring and dispositions.


Through the years Garza has carefully constructed thousands of complex estate plans predominately focusing on entrepreneurs. His clients range from members of the Forbes 400 list to the “average Joe” that makes under a million dollars a year.  No matter who his client is, his goal remains the same, to get them as good a deal on their taxes as can legally be obtained.


The common denominator between Garza’s clients is they are all very hard-working people that are experts in their fields and with their customers, but lack a sophisticated CFO, corporate attorney, or estate planning lawyer familiar with the complex tax laws.  No matter the size of the company, Garza & Harris believe each client deserves the best deal possible on their taxes and they will work as hard as they can to obtain that.


Garza & Harris also has experience with S1 Registrations, reverse mergers on the American Stock Exchange, complex estate planning and bond financing for the state of Texas.  There is no business transaction in which Joe Garza along with Garza and Harris will not be able to help you save money and ensure your assets are protected.

Areas of Practice

  • - Complex Tax Transactions

  • - Business Restructuring and Dispositions

  • - Business Succession

  • - Asset Protection

  • - Accountable Care Organizations

  • - Business Acquisitions

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